Accepted Papers

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Regular Presentations

- Weak Functional Dependencies in Higher-Order Datamodels, Sven Hartmann, Sebastian Link, Klaus-Dieter Schewe
- Implementing Ordered Choice Logic Programming using Answer Set Solvers, Marina De Vos
- Towards a Generalized Interaction Scheme for Information Access, Yannis Tzitzikas, Carlo Meghini, Nicolas Spyratos
- A New Approach to Belief Modeling, V.N. Huynh, Y. Nakamori, T. Murai, T. B. Ho
- Simplification of integrity constraints for data integration, Henning Christiansen and Davide Martinenghi

- Database Repair by Signed Formulae, Ofer Arieli, Marc Denecker, Bert Van Nuffelen, Maurice Bruynooghe

- The Relative Complexity of Updates for a Class of Database Views, Stephen J. Hegner

- Minimal Keys in Higher-Order Datamodels, Attila Sali

- Similarity Relational Calculus and its Reduction to a Similarity Algebra, Ingo Schmitt, Nadine Schulz

- Plan Databases: Model and Algebra, Fusun Yaman, Sibel Adali, Dana Nau, Maria Luisa Sapino, V.S. Subrahmanian

- A Study of Skyline Cardinality for Relational Processing: Or How Many Vectors are Maximal?, Parke Godfrey

- New properties on the update operator "⊕", Mauricio Osorio, Fernando Zacarías

- Challenges in Fixpoint Computation with Multisets, Nematollaah Shiri, Zhi Hong Zheng

- On the security of individual data, János Demetrovics, Gyula O.H. Katona, Dezsõ Miklós

- Reasoning about Functional and Multi-valued Dependencies in the Presence of Base, Record and Finite List Types, Sven Hartmann, Sebastian Link, Klaus-Dieter Schewe

- Query Answering and Containment of Regular Path Queries under Distortions, Gösta Grahne, Alex Thomo