Accepted Papers

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Regular Presentations

- Arity and Alternation: A Strict Hierarchy in Higher Order Logics, Flavio A. Ferrarotti and José M. Turull Torres
- Axiomatising Functional Dependencies for XML with Frequencies, Sven Hartmann and Thu Trinh
- Consistency Checking Algorithms for Restricted UML Class Diagrams, Ken Kaneiwa and Ken Satoh
- Controlled Query Evaluation with Open Queries for a Decidable Relational Submodel, Joachim Biskup and Piero Bonatti
- Equational Constraint Solving via a Restricted Form of Universal Quantification, Javier Álvez and Paqui Lucio
- Guarded Open Answer Set Programming with Generalized Literals, Stijn Heymans, Davy Van Nieuwenborgh and Dirk Vermeir
- Hybrid Minimal Spanning Tree and Mixture of Gaussians based Clustering Algorithm, Ágnes Vathy-Fogarassy, Attila Kiss and János Abonyi
- Iterative Modification and Incremental Evaluation of Preference Queries, Jan Chomicki
- Modeling the Evolution of Objects in Temporal Information Systems, A. Artale, C. Parent and S. Spaccapietra
- On Multivalued Dependencies in Fixed and Undetermined Universes, Sebastian Link
- On the Number of Independent Functional Dependencies, János Demetrovics, Gyula O.H. Katona, Dezsõ Miklós, and Bernhard Thalheim
- Preference-based Query Tuning through Refinement/Enlargement in a Formal Context, Nicolas Spyratos and Carlo Meghini
- Processing Ranked Queries with the Minimum Space, Yufei Tao and Marios Hadjieleftheriou
- Reasoning Support for Expressive Ontology Languages Using a Theorem Prover, Ian Horrocks and Andrei Voronkov
- Solving Abduction by Computing Joint Explanations: Logic Programming Formalization, Applications to P2P Data Integration, and Complexity Results, Gianluigi Greco
- Some Contribution to the Minimum Representation Problem of Key Systems, Gyula O.H. Katona and Krisztián Tichler
- The Nested List Normal Form for Functional and Multivalued Dependencies (Extended Abstract), Sven Hartmann and Sebastian Link