Student Travel Grant Program

ALP offers travel grants to assist

•  Students presenting papers on logic programming related topics at conferences.
•  Students attending schools on logic programming.


Which students are eligible for sponsorship?

Students at all levels are eligible. They must demonstrate interest in an area of logic programming.

Only one student author per paper will be awarded a travel grant and a student can receive only one grant per year.

Participants of ICLP’s doctoral consortium and school are not eligible; their sponsorship is directly handled by the organizers of the doctoral consortium.


What is grant for, and how much?

The awards are for reimbursement of travel and partial payment of registration fees.

The reason for the travel must be related to logic programming.

The maximum amount is 500 EUR, but there can be exceptions, if the request is well-argumented.


What are the duties of a sponsored student?

A presentation must include an acknowledgment to ALP sponsoring.

The title and abstract of a presented paper along with conference details must be sent in due time to the editors of the ALP newsletter for announcement.


Can a student apply several times?

Yes, provided that she/he fulfilled the duties in the past.

However, if several students apply and ALP cannot sponsor them all, priority will be given to those that have never been sponsored by ALP.


Application procedure

Please include the following information.

•  A brief CV, including current professional status (PhD student, postdoc, teaching staff, research staff, etc.) and a list of publications.
•  Letter or other evidence of professional status and confirmation that the applicant will be allowed to leave to attend the event from a Department Head, Professor or Supervisor. This also needs to state that the additional funds needed to attend will be available.
•  The bank account number (IBANcode) and name of account holder on which the travel grant should be paid if awarded.
•  A case for support, 1 page, which includes reasons why ALP should make the award to the applicant and a description of the part the applicant will play in the event. This will for instance be the presentation of a paper.


More information at ALP site.