Accepted Papers


Regular Presentations


Christoph Beierle, Steven Kutsch and

Kai Sauerwald

Compilation of Conditional Knowledge Bases for Computing C-Inference Relations
Joachim Biskup and Marcel Preuß Inferences from Attribute-Disjoint and Duplicate-Preserving Relational Fragmentations
Bernhard Bliem ASP Programs with Groundings of Small Treewidth
Arina Britz and Ivan Varzinczak Rationality and Context in Defeasible Subsumption
Claudette Cayrol, Jorge Fandinno, Luis Farinas Del Cerro and Marie-Christine Lagasquie Argumentation Frameworks with Recursive Attacks and Evidence-Based Supports
Arnaud Durand, Miika Hannula, Juha Kontinen, Arne Meier and Jonni Virtema Probabilistic Team Semantics
Jelle Hellings, Marc Gyssens, Dirk Van Gucht and Yuqing Wu First-Order Definable Counting-Only Queries
Jelle Hellings, Yuqing Wu, Marc Gyssens and Dirk Van Gucht The Power of Tarski’s Relation Algebra on Trees
Zsolt Laszlo, Levente Torok and Gyorgy Kovacs Improving the Performance of the k Rare Class Nearest Neighbor Classifier by the Ranking of Point Patterns
Xudong Liu and Mirek Truszczynski Preference Learning and Optimization for Partial Lexicographic Preference Forests over Combinatorial Domains
Arne Meier and Christian Reinbold Enumeration Complexity of Poor Man's Propositional Dependence Logic
Gábor Rácz, Attila Sali and Klaus-Dieter Schewe Refining Semantic Matching for Job Recruitment: an Application of Formal Concept Analysis
Dimitri Surinx, Jan Van den Bussche and Dirk Van Gucht A Framework for Comparing Query Languages in Their Ability to Express Boolean Queries
Marco Wilhelm, Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Marc Finthammer and Christoph Beierle A Generalized Iterative Scaling Algorithm for Maximum Entropy Model Computations Respecting Probabilistic Independencies


Short Presentations

Heba Aamer and Haythem Ismail Concatenation, Separation, and Other Properties of Variably Polyadic Relations
Leopoldo Bertossi Characterizing and Computing Causes for Query Answers in Databases from Database Repairs and Repair Programs
Stanislav Böhm, Jakub Beránek and Martin Šurkovský Haydi: Rapid Prototyping and Combinatorial Objects
Dragan Doder, Nenad Savic and Zoran Ognjanovic A Decidable Multi-agent Logic with Iterations of Upper and Lower Probability Operators
Emmanuel Hadoux, Anthony Hunter and Jean-Baptiste Corrégé Strategic Dialogical Argumentation using Multi-Criteria Decision Making with Application to Epistemic and Emotional Aspects of Arguments
Konstantin Schekotihin, Patrick Rodler and Wolfgang Schmid OntoDebug: Interactive Ontology Debugging Plug-In for Protégé